Why isnt my withdrawal working? 0 0

Last updated on May 29, 2019 02:57 in Frequently Asked Questions » Wallets
Posted ByRexbit Support

Before you open a support ticket, please make sure of the following:

  • That you have actually submitted a withdrawal request.  When one succeeds, you will see an entry in the Pending Withdrawals box.
  • If you do not, please check the top of the page for any error messages.
  • If you get "INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS", it means you have entered more coins than you have.  This can happen because we take TXFEEs out of your BALANCE, not the amount you enter in.
  • If you do NOT have 2fa enabled, an email confirmation is required.  If you do not receive this, please check your spam folder.  At any time you can cancel your withdrawal and resubmit it to have the email sent to you.
** The time is base on America/New_York timezone